10 Reasons Women Use To Reject Men

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Rejection You have prepared the day. You practiced all the tricks you know. And when the day comes, you tell her the truth about your feeling, and she says no. You cannot believe it, that you have to ask her ‘why’. In the end, she still says no. You are rejected. Bummer! So, what are the reasons for women to reject men? I tried to list 10 reasons that women use to reject men. These are typically Indonesian/South East Asian way of rejecting, that’s why they may sound foolish to those of you who did not come from that region.

1. She doesn’t like you!

Face it dude. She does not like you. She probably likes your attention but not necessarily wants to be in a relationship with you. She just didn’t like you. If this happens, just move on man! The words they use will be, “I’m sorry but I don’t think I’m interested in you” or “I don’t think we matched”.

2. She’s already in a relationship.

This is why men should do their homework right. You should always investigate her background and relationship status. She might look single because you have not seen her with any men, but that does not automatically mean she’s available. They will say, “I’m sorry, but I already have a boyfriend”; “I’m in a relationship with someone else”; or “If only you told me 3 days earlier, things would be different, I already said yes to your friend Oki!”

3. She’s not ready for a relationship.

She might be single but not available. She was not ready for a relationship. She just wants to have a friendship with you without stepping up into a steady relationship. She would say, “I don’t think I’m ready yet” or “I’m not sure whether a relationship would be the right thing for us.”

4. She’s not allowed to have a relationship…yet.

I know this reason sounds lame, but some people were not allowed to be in a relationship by their parents. Yes, in Asian culture, or at least some of Asian cultures, parents have important say in one’s relationship. If they think their daughter is not ready for a steady relationship because she’s too young, or because they simply don’t like your attitude, they will tell or worse forbid their daughter in having a relationship with you. Then she will say, “I’m sorry, but my parents don’t like seeing us together”; “My parents don’t like you” or “I’m not allowed to go out with you.” What you can do next is try to win her parents.

5. She likes women.

There’s no need to explain this further. She’s just not in to men. Don’t be bothered and move on if she said, “I’m just not in to men” or “I have other sexual preference.”

6. She is still in love with her previous boyfriend.

Sometimes women left their previous relationship while still having their feelings towards their ex boyfriends. Often they cannot forget that dude until forever. She tried to work things out with you but she cannot overcome her feelings just yet. She would say, “I’m still in love with someone else”; “I’m confused to choose you or him”; or “I can’t be with you because it’s just not fair for you for I’m still thinking of him.” You can react in two ways, either you wait to win her love, or you move on.

7. You are too normal.

Women likes men who are not too normal. You have to be a bit naughty. When you are too normal with no ups and downs and predictable moves, she would loose interest in you. I will explain this in the next part of the series “Kupas Habis Taktik Cowo Mendekati Cewe” (helaas, its in Indonesian). When she thinks you are too normal, she would say, “You are too kind for me” or “I’m not the right woman for you.”

8. Studying is her first priority.

This is also sounds lame, but some women used this excuse to reject men. She would like to focus on her studies and not ready for some serious relationship. If they use the sentences like, “It’s not you, but I still want to focus on my studies” or “I have to focus on school and not ready for a relationship”, most of the times they were just politely rejecting you.

9. She doesn’t know you that well.

Some guys thought that the girl they after knows them. But the fact is she doesn’t You think you are popular, or she would recognize you, but actually you are not. Or guys just don’t spend the needed time to introduce himself to her and immediately say their intention. When it happens, she would say, “Thank you so much for being so kind, but I don’t really know you that well” or “You are too kind, but who are you?”

10. You are not her ‘future man material’

Some women who are already in a later stage of their life usually change their preference from boyfriend material to husband material. While you might be a perfect fun boyfriend material but you don’t qualify for a husband one. They will say, “I’m flattered but I’m not in to just for fun relationships anymore” or “You are really sweet, but I don’t think we are matched for a long term serious relationship.”

Disclaimer: The sentences I’ve mentioned above could be used for another purpose. She might say, “I have to focus on school and not ready for a relationship”, while what she really means is she just doesn’t like you or doesn’t know you. So, there are no clear cut rules in those sentences. But most of the times they are used in the terms I’ve written.

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sil on January 25th, 2008 at 10:33 am #

another controversial topic :D
kayanya ga cuma ke cewe aja deh,,, ini berlaku dua arah,,, cuman emang cewe punya lebih banyak alasan2 yang terkesan lame tapi mau di apaiin lagi because we’re girl hahahahahahaha
tapi masalah di tolak could happened to any body,,, and that sucks (yah walaupun belom pernanh ngalamin yang namanya di tolak cintanya karena emang belom pernah asked anything to any body juga sihh) halaaahh ngomong apa seeh nihh
initnya rejection is sucks,,,
termasuk juga di tolak kerja dengan alesan belom cocok,,, sama aja toh…

indri on January 25th, 2008 at 5:43 pm #

weheits, sok tau ah!hahaha…

jd bingung nih…selama ini gw nolak maksudnya no 3 ato no 5 yaps?!wahahaha…ato no 10?!


aargh, si oom buka kartu aja!

anies on January 26th, 2008 at 10:26 am #

‘n do you know the reasons men reject women????:)

bernadeta astari on January 27th, 2008 at 1:20 am #


yosua on January 27th, 2008 at 4:44 am #

wah kayanya itu alasannya harus ditambah tuh!!!!!!!!! karena g rasa wanita adalah makhluk paling misterius!!!!!hahahaha

binsar on January 27th, 2008 at 12:10 pm #

dear all, there’s just one point i would like to stress here. whatever reason she told you, No means No! There’s no reasoning behind it. Its like soccer, even when you played a beautiful game, yet you lost, you are not the winner. NO means NO hahahaha

bea on January 28th, 2008 at 12:16 pm #

eh bonbin! gimana loe bisa tau kalo No means No? emang loe cewe?

binsar on January 28th, 2008 at 10:59 pm #

yaaa. gimana ya bee hahaha… pengalaman lah hihihihi *upssss

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