News That Interest Me 13

Semua rumah akan dan restoran di Pekanbaru diminta tutup selama bulan Ramadhan
A touching story about Alex who enjoyed his last three years after being diagnosed with a backbone cancer
Somehow it does not surprise me at all –> Fake Apple stores found in Kunming city, China
UK’s No. 1 curry dish: Jalfrezi –
Samosir Diguncang Gempa 3,5 skala richter
Nathan Johnson Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Horse, Again
Be Careful With Pigeons, They Remember That You Hate Them, Will Probably Plot Revenge Later
Anna: Ruhut Menangis seperti Bayi –> Bang Ruhut makanya hati2 sama omonganmu.
[Wawancara dengan Metro TV] Nazaruddin Kembali Muncul, Apa Katanya?
Nazar Kabur karena Perintah Anas Urbaningrum
Fifa president Sepp Blatter named biggest villain of the past decade –
Would you eat genetically modified sea fish? Frankenfish: Is GM Salmon a Vital Part of Our Future?
Box Office Weekend: Harry Potter Rakes In $168 Million, While Palin Doc Barely Registers –> what on earth is Palin Doc?
BREAKING NEWS: FIGC decides Inter will keep 2006 title following latest Calciopoli investigations ..
758 Die in Bali Traffic Accidents (in past 3 months)” –> that’s like 8 ppl/day
Tifatul Tak Ingin RI Seperti Tunisia yang Gagal Kontrol Twitter –> Menterinya sendiri berpendapat tidak dipikir dulu!
Dutch town to ban cannabis smoking < Dutch news | Expatica The Netherlands
I see no Indonesian coffee, it should be among the best –> The world’s top coffee spots
[Kritik Presiden] AJI: Media Soroti Demokrat, Wajar!
SBY Mengeluh soal Politik dan Media
Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Await Earth’s End
Live Science: Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men
* tepuk jidat… duh bang Poltak… [Politisi] Ruhut: Saya Hanya Sekali Menikah
Gara-Gara Status Facebook, 2 Desa Bentrok –> Ga penting banget alasannya bentrok ckckck
“Dai Sejuta Umat” Zainuddin MZ Berpulang
Remaja dengan Nama Terpanjang di Dunia
The Dukan diet: Four slimmers give their verdict
Owen Hargreaves uses YouTube to try to land a new club –
Motorcyclist Dies On Ride Protesting Helmet Law
A really sad and touching story happens in 21 century – Saudi Arabian woman challenges male guardianship laws –
Right to self-defence – People are entitled to use whatever force is necessary to protect themselves and their homes –
Saturn’s Moons: Spacecraft Finds Evidence of a Frozen Saltwater Ocean
Historic Vote Makes Gay Marriage Legal in New York State
Why Gay Marriage is still not a marriage
Wali Kota Bogor Akui Nikahi Gadis 19 Tahun – Ini isteri ke-empatnya …
Thoughts of Disease Make Women Want Manly Men
The future is here: KLM flights powered by cooking oil

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