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On True Friendship

On True Friendship “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Somehow this old saying is very true. I think it is very hard to find real friends these days especially when the world is becoming more and more digitalized. This is a pretty bold statement for someone who does…

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On Science & Evolution

Posted (binsar) in Christianity, Theology on February-13-2008 The topic of evolution and anthropology started with the reading of Genesis 1 and note down some possible tensions between the message of this chapter and the general scientific knowledge and theories of the origin, development an essence of universe, the earth, life…

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Teologi, Teolog, dan STT Jakarta

Posted (binsar) in Opinion, Theology on February-13-2008 Dalam perbincangan dengan rekan mahasiswa ketika masih kuliah dulu, mereka mengeluh karena menjadi semakin jarang beribadah semenjak masuk STT Jakarta. Hati mereka menjadi guncang ketika sepertinya harus menentukan apakah mereka akan menjadi teolog atau pendeta. Entah pilihan ini sedang jadi trend atau bukan,…

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