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Faith And Ethnicity

Ethnicity and religion are recognized as an immensely powerful basis of collective identity. However, religion is often – if not say always – excluded from social science on collective identity, also vice versa, church ignored sociology as well. As powerful basis of identity, religion and ethnicity are intertwined. These two…

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Menjadi Pendeta Dan Teolog

Posted by binsar on 02 Dec 2007 at 07:16 am | Tagged as: Christianity, Opinion Pertama ijinkanlah saya mengucapkan selamat buat sahabat, saudara, dan kolega saya Hendra Setia Prasadja yang ditahbis ke dalam jabatan pendeta di GKI pada hari ini. Hendra adalah seorang yang selalu berbagi suka dan duka dengan…

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About Me

I am an easy going, people person, family person, straightforward, and open minded. I am a quick learner, able to work under pressure and tight deadline, and multi talented. My interest is on research and writing, especially on the theme of interpersonal, interfaith, intergenerational, conflict management, issues of love, power…

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