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IMG_5052(2)amsterdam - kostum selecta.jpgI am now working as a lecturer at the Jakarta Theological Seminary, Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Jakarta, and also responsible for the Publication and Information Unit at the Seminary. I am the editor of Journal of Theology SOLA EXPERIENTIA, the theological journal of Jakarta Theological Seminary together with the Association of Theological Schools in Indonesia (Persetia).

I also do leadership training, youth workshops and developments, event organizer and a drummer.  I tend to use musical means in the workshops that I give.

You can download my resume here:

Resume Binsar Jonathan Pakpahan – Academic Publication 2017

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Working Experience

  1. Lecturer, Head of Publication and Information Unit, Jakarta Theological Seminary (STT Jakarta) January 2012 – now.
  2. Full time pastor, Gereja Kristen Indonesia di Nederland responsible for Regio Tilburg and Arnhem-Nijmegen in August 2010 – December 2011.
  3. Teaching staff at the Jakarta Theological Seminary on subjects: Christian Ethics, Contemporary Ethics, and Religion and Science and Technology (2006 – May 2007).
  4. The assistant for the Secretary General of Communion of Churches in Indonesia (Indonesia National Council of Churches) 2005 – 2006.
  5. The assistant of the Secretary General of Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP), a Batak Protestant Church with 3,5 million members, which based in Tarutung, North Sumatra (March – August 2004).
  6. Redaction Staff of Yamuger (Yayasan Musik Gereja Indonesia or Indonesian Foundation for Sacred Music) Bulletin, 2003 – 200

Book Cover God Rememberscover buku merenungi cinta







You can look at the publications here…

  1. “New Form, New Chance? An Analysis of the Impact of Postmodernism in Indonesian Churches and Its Effect on the Ecumenical Movement” (submitted to be published in Journal of Ecumenical Studies, 2017)
  2. “To Remember Peacefully: A Christian Perspective of Theology of Remembrance as a Basis of Peaceful Remembrance of Negative Memories” International Journal of Public Theology 11/2 2017, pp. 236-255.
  3. “Etika Mengingat bagi Bangsa Pelupa” in Jurnal Ledalero 16/1 (2017), pp. 34-54.
  4. The Power of Shame: Mengembalikan Malu Spiritual. Jakarta: UPI STT Jakarta & BPK Gunung Mulia, 2016.
  5. “Mengingat trauma: Landasan teologi perasaan (emosi) bagi penanganan pastoral korban peristiwa traumatis.” Dalam Seputar Pelayanan Pastoral, peny., Daniel Susanto. Jakarta: GKI Menteng, pp. , 235-247.
  6. “Shameless and Guiltless: The Role of Two Emotions in the Context of the Absence of God in Public Practice in the Indonesian Context” in Journal Exchange 45/1 2016. pp: 1-20.
  7. “The Role of Memory in the Formation of Early Christian Identity” in Simone Sinn (Author, Editor), Michael Reid Trice (Editor), Religious Identity and Renewal in the Twenty-first Century: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Explorations. Geneva & Seattle: The Lutheran World Federation and Seattle University, 2015, pp. 113-126.
  8. “Perintah Mencintai Sesama: Memahami Filosofi Cinta dalam Konteks Keberagaman Dunia Postmodern” dalam Octafred Yosi Roripandei et. al. (eds.) Lihatlah Sekelilingmu! Jakarta: Jusuf Roni Center, 2015. pp: 125-146.
  9. “Menuju Model (-model) Ibadah yang Membangun: Sebuah Telaah Relasi Pertumbuhan Spiritualitas dan Ibadah dalam Dunia Postmodern” dalam Robinson Butarbutar, Benny Sinaga, Julius Simaremare (eds.), Spiritualitas Ekologis. Jakarta: Institut Darma Mahardika, 2014. pp: 127-147.
  10. “Analisis Kritis Liturgi Perjamuan Kudus HKBP.” Indonesian Journal of Theology, Vol. 2 No. 1, 2014. pp. 42-64.
  11. Kok Semua Benar? Panduan Memilih dalam Dunia Postmodern.” in Binsar J. Pakpahan (ed.) Perjalanan: Semua Mendayung. Jakarta: UPI STT Jakarta, 2014. pp. 340-353.
  12. “Teologi Ingatan sebagai Dasar Rekonsiliasi dalam Konflik.” Jurnal Diskursus, Vol. 12 No. 1, Oktober 2013. pp. 253-277.
  13. “Ekaristi dan Rekonsiliasi” Jurnal Gema Teologi, Vol. 37 No. 1, April 2013. pp. 47-60.
  14. God Remembers: Towards a Theology of Remembrance as a Basis of Reconciliation in Communal Conflict. Amsterdam: VU University Press: 2012. ISBN: 978-90-8659-603-4
  15. Merenungi Cinta: Renungan, Tips, dan Taktik tentang Cinta. Jakarta: PT BIS, 2012.
  16. “Holiness and Reconciliation” in Hans-Peter Grosshans and Martin L. Sinaga (editors), Live Living Stones: Lutheran Reflections on the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Minnesota: Lutheran University Press, 2010. pp. 103-111.
  17. “How Remembrance is Used in Communal Atrocities” in Abraham S. Wilar & Alpius Pasulu (editor), Dari Kejadian Hingga Budaya Populer: Pemikiran Kontemporer Teolog Muda Protestan.Yogyakarta: PMU Books, 2009.
  18. Book Editor. Seberkas Bunga Puspawarna: Book of Friends, 75 tahun Pdt. H.A. van Dop. Jakarta: Yamuger, 2010. Book can be found here.
  19. “Identity and Remembrance” in Eduardus Van der Borght (ed.), Christian Identity. Leiden: Brill, 2008. pp. 105-118.
  20. “Sharing a Common Story for and Indonesian Context” in Journal of Reformed Theology, Volume 2, Number 1, 2008. pp. 63-74.
  21. Newspaper Article. “Misguided Logic” in The Jakarta Globe, 5 April 2013.
  22. Newspaper Article. “Is the Indonesian Public’s Amnesia is Merely a Matter of Verb Tense and Vagueness?”in The Jakarta Globe, Language Section, p. A.10, April 10th  2012.
  23. Newspaper article “Perpetrators and Victims Need to Tell Their Stories” in Jakarta Post. Article can be read here.
  24. CD Album, Sing 4 Joy, “Our Praises You Deserve” – as Drummer. Buy the CD here

Other Projects

  1. I am currently preparing a big project on the theological and philosophical exploration of shame and guilt in the light of forgiveness and reconciliation.
  2. I am now the secretary for Local Arranging Committee for the CCA General Assembly, May 2015, will be held in Jakarta.
  3. I am writing a book on forgiveness, in Bahasa Indonesia.
  4. I am preparing a book concept on Philosophy and Theology of Love, in Bahasa Indonesia.
  5. I am writing a research and publication proposal for the social and ecumenical theology of an Indonesian prominent theologian: Soritua A. E. Nababan.
  6. I am preparing a proposal for a book called “Indonesian Theologian” in collaboration with colleagues.
  7. I am half way in writing an article on “Apostle Paul and Alan Turing Quest for the Infinity”
  8. I am preparing materials for an article on “Jazz and Postmodern Philosophy”
  9. Other themes I want to write on are: “Corruption viewed from the perspective of shame and guilt,” “Ecclesiology and technology,” “Christian Political Contribution on the view of Power: Reinhold Niebuhr and Johann Baptist Metz in dialogue,” “Introduction to Philosophy and Theology,” and “The Postmodern Effect on Christian Ethics.”

If you are interested in doing a project together, you can contact me at


  • Secretary of Local Organizing Committee, 2015 General Assembly of Christian Conference of Asia (may 2015).
  • Speaker, Simposium Internasional Filsafat Indonesia, on “Mencari Sosok Filsafat Indonesia”, STF Driyarkara & MURI, Jakarta September 2014.
  • Speaker at conference “Religion in Public Space” held by Protestantse Theologische Universiteit, Amsterdam 2014.
  • Bible Study Facilitator at the CCA Theological Consultation “Living Together in the Household of God”, held by Christian Conference of Asia, Jakarta, June 2014.
  • Facilitator, Speaker, Organizer, various leadership, youth, children workshop for churches and schools in Jakarta areas (2012-now).
  • Speaker at conference “Religious Identity and Renewal: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Explorations” held by Lutheran World Federation in Seattle, USA, August 10-14 2014.
  • Speaker at Lutheran “Pemahaman Sakramen dalam Teologi Lutheran” at the Sabah Theological Seminary, February 17-21 2014, Sabah.
  • Speaker at workshop “Identitätsfindung und Neubegründung von Relationen in post-Konflikt Situationen/Kontexten” held by VU University Amsterdam and Universität Oldenburg, Germany, October 17-19 2012,
  • Speaker at conference “Church life in an urban, secular and multi religious context” held by Protestantse Theologische Universiteit, Hong Kong June 2012.
  • Speaker at conference “Holiness and Reconciliation” held by Lutheran World Federation in Muenster, Germany, May 2010.
  • Speaker at seminar held by Mission 21 (Basel Mission) working together with OeME-Fachstelle Aargau and Luzern, Swiss, Oct 2009.
  • Conference Assistant, Human Security Conference, Swiss – July 2008. Initiavites of Change.
  • Initiator International Youth Forum, Bandung Indonesia, June 2008.
  • Speaker, TIGE Conference, Swiss – July 2007. Initiavites of Change.
  • Initiator International Youth Forum, Bandung Indonesia, June 2008.
  • Speaker, TIGE Conference, Swiss – July 2007. Initiavites of Change.
  • Speaker at conference “Christ in the midst of Disaster” held by VU University, Houten 2007.
  • Speaker at conference “Narratives and Conflict” held by VU University, Houten 2006.
  • Speaker at conference “Christian Identity” held by VU University, Seoul 2005
  • Resource person, Statement Committee in Youth Forum of 50th Assembly of Christian Conference of Asia, March 2007, Siantar, North Sumatera.
  • Organizer and facilitator of Camp Pemuda Nusantara (national Youth Camp), Positive Movement, January 2007 in Cipanas.
  • Facilitator of Anti Corruption Workshop in Jakarta, Padang and Bali (November, December 2006), affiliated with the then KPK.
  • Facilitator for Youth Session of Asian Muslim Action Network Conference, Jakarta, October 2006.
  • Core Team of the Coordinator of the 12th Asia Pacific Youth Conference, Cipanas, 23-30 July 2006.
  • First Coordinator of KOM-PAS (Komunitas Mahasiswa Peduli akan Sesama), an autonomous student organization in the field of interfaith dialogue.
  • Member of the Students Senate of Jakarta Theological Seminary (1999-2000), and Student Representative Board (1998-1999).
  • Representative of Indonesian Youth in APEC Youth Forum 1997, Vancouver Canada.

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    Anyway, God Bless your ministry always.

    Thank you and wish you all the best.

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    Maulite God Bless Us

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