Honeymoon Period

I think, every relationship bounds to have a honeymoon period. What is a honeymoon period? It is a period where everything in a relationship looks beautiful, romantic, and fun. In this period, couples will learn about each other and tend to ignore their significant other’s annoying habits.

What are the symptoms? Facebook status updates; enjoy admiring photos, unimportant text messages, frequent emails, good night and good morning words, fast-heartbeat whenever they are around.

How long is a honeymoon period in a relationship until you get into the real thing? Normal period is 6 to 12 months. What does it mean? It means after 6 months you will start noticing the baggages.

Couples tend to enjoy physical contact with their significant others during this period. Sometimes they forgot to prepare for what is coming after the period. That is why couples need to build their communication skill during the honeymoon period. It is the right time to talk about the best way to argue, the do’s and don’t s and what to expect when she/he is angry. Since you are still in honeymoon period, you should be able to talk sensibly about the bad times in the future safely, and how to deal with it.

If you pass the 6 – 12 months period, you will start the real life relationship. If you already argue before the minimum normal honeymoon period ends, you better re-think about you relationship. If your honeymoon period is longer than 12 months, there’s a chance that you could have met ‘the one’.

The best part after this period is that you will get into your daily routine, and beginning to expose your true nature. Although not fully seen, you will notice a glimpse of who your significant one really is.

This honeymoon period is not a one time occurrence. There will be times when you have a serious relationship, that you feel like you are falling for him/her again. The best part is working towards making every day as the honeymoon period. The challenge is to make your ordinary day as ‘honeymoon’ as can be. If you are in one, enjoy!

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  1. 6-12 months? isn’t that a bit long for dating couples? I’d put it at 1-3 months… :D

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