Je moet rekening houden met…

It is an idiom in Dutch which means you have to take something into account. Literally, it means you have to keep your account. Why does it matter?

As I am getting to know more of Dutch language, I began to think about the reason why do they say that. They say, by learning a language you also learn the people. I think its true.

The question then, why do Dutch language uses the term ‘rekening’ (literally: account). I think it really represents Dutch people who are very careful with their spending and bank account.

I think Dutch people are really careful with their real account. After moving to my new flat, I have experienced the reason why I have to keep an eye on my account. I received so many bills from so many households expenditures such as electricity, gas, network for electricity and gas, water, internet, tv and telephone, mobile phone, tax, water tax, car tax, and some other things that I couldn’t even remember. They all ask the same thing, that I should sign an automatic debit off my account every month. Some of those things are still credited with tax and interest – which what the Dutch are famous for. After you sign some letters, they will not give you the bill anymore, instead you can conveniently check your bill online. However, sometimes I’ve received so many debits, that I really don’t know who or what are they for. Then you really have to keep an eye for your savings account and daily account. You don’t want to ended up in some supermarket with no money left in your pay account – like what I have experienced a few times before.

Based on this experience, I really moet rekening houden met mijn echte rekening. And based on my observance of the language, I think this is why Dutch people uses the idiom ‘rekening houden met’.

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