Having A Bad Day?

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Yesterday was one of those days that you started off wrong. I had to help auditioning a drummer for the church. I went there by car – just for the sake of warming the engine after heavy winter weather – and parked at the short-time parking space. I thought I could make it in half an hour. I was 15 mins late and there it was, a ticket on the wiper’s blade. At that moment I knew this was going to be a bad day.

Then I went to a supermarket to do my grocery. When I got to the cashier my card was rejected because I didn’t have enough credit. I had an autosaving option on my account so it transferred some amount to my saving account automatically – thus my normal account didn’t have anough money in it. There I was, confused and still upset because of the ticket, and had to think of something fast. So I said I would come back in a few minutes to pay the groceries. I called a friend and she transferred some money into my account. Unfortunately she had a different bank and it took some time for the money to arrived. I called some other friends but they didn’t pick up or couldn’t do the transaction. So I drove back home and put some money in my account, came back to the supermarket and paid my groceries. When I was home I realised I forgot to buy something and there were some books that I could not find – they were probably left in the locker at the university.

I lost my desire to write afterwards. Then I prayed about it.

Then I thought, “ A bad day is just another day of learning. Make the best of it and stop complaining.”

I learnt my lesson: never park there again and always make sure that I have enough money on my normal  account.

Some people find it hard to shake off the bad-day experience. It sometimes affected them even until the following day – if not the rest of the week.

I immediately got back on my feet and said to myself, “ A bad day is just another day of learning. Make the best of it and stop complaining.”

When you complain about your bad-day it will bring more negative energy to yourself that in the end will affect your own mood. You have to stop thinking about negative things otherwise it would be a sort of self-suggestion (suggestion as “psychological process by which one person may guide the thoughts, feelings or behaviour of another.” Wikipedia ). You are bringing your mental self down by your own negative energy. When you have negative state of mind, everything will seemed negative.

IHaving a bad day?f you have one of those “it’s just not my day” days, then shake it off by thinking about something positive. I always pray when I had one and it made me see the wonderful things I had. Happy thoughts always make my misfortunate seemed nothing if not barely something. Think about your happy moments, try to ’suggest’ yourself that it’s not a bad day after all and learn from it. After all, it’s just another day of learning. Make the best of it and stop complaining.

I decided to bike to amsterdamsebos, which is a small forest near my house and was amazed to see the serenity of snowy nature. Then I continued biking to the city’s market and thankful that I am still able to experience this wonderful opportunity of living in Amsterdam. I had a wonderful Bible Study group and sharing in the evening. By the end of the day I concluded that it was a great day after all.

Well, if that is not convincing, this site is offering other people’s misery that would probably cheer you up.

or check out this video and look at the person who was crossing the bridge.

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