The World’s Most Convincing “ghostly Image”

Mar 28, 2009 7:46 AM

by binsar

This image is the world’s most convincing “ghostly image” 2009. BBC News mentions that this picture, taken in May 2008, appears to show a man or woman wearing a ruff, looking through a barred window at Tantallon Castle in North Berwick, East Lothian. No mannequins are used at the castle, and there are no costumed guides. Three photographic experts have confirmed that the photograph was not manipulated.

Beside this picture, I also came across with very interesting top 15 ghost images. (not advised for the weak hearted)

I was interested in this news particularly because I didn’t know that people in the West are also interested in this kind of paranormal news. In the Netherlands particularly, the Uri Geller show is currently drawing a lot of attention by showing paranormal activities. Now, this kind of show is not “uncommon” in Indonesia, but it becomes interesting when it gets highly rated in a so-called “secular and rational” country. Some would argue that it doesn’t show the real opinion of Dutch people who are still skeptic about this things; it is the immigrants that brought this ‘voodoo thingy’ here.

However, I would not jump into this hasty conclusion. In the midst of rapid technology development, people should ask why do people bother to scientifically looking for traces of supernatural beings. And the decision whether they are real or not is still inconclusive. Do you believe in spirits and ghosts?

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