Types Of Personality Based On How You Cross The Road

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by binsar

I’ve read an interesting article on BBC News about how people cross the street in England. The article said that “But from Cairo to Chicago, how people cross the road speaks volumes about a country’s cultural values.” It makes me wonder about how do people cross the road? Since I’ve been traveling to some places, let me share you about my experience on crossing the road.

In Jakarta, crossing the road at a zebra cross means risking your life because pedestrians are second class citizen to vehicle users.

In Medan, you have to pray first before crossing the road. It’s the ultimate challenge!

In Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, crossing sign is a decoration. Crossing sign and traffic light are the signs of a big town!

In Samosir, the crossing sign is replaced by a crossing bull. Whenever you see one – or a whole family of bulls, it means it is most likely safe to cross the road.

In Amsterdam, pedestrian are the king. You can cross the road at any time on a zebra cross (without traffic light) and you can be sure that everyone will stop for you.

In Paris, you have to be brave enough to cross the road when there are no traffic light.

In Boston, you are chased by clicking crossing sign to cross the road.

In Singapore, all eyes are on the crossing sign, once it goes green everyone will walk without noticing anything else but the road.

Well, they are all different. But now I’ve noticed different styles of how people cross the road. Please take a look at these categories and to which category do you fall to?

1. Obeying the rule. This is the type of person who obeys the traffic signs. You will not cross an empty 5 meter wide street in the middle of the night because the traffic light is red. This type tends to be rigid but honest.

2. Obeying the rule only when an officer is watching. If you follow the signs to cross the road just because there is an officer nearby, then you fall into this category. This shows you always need supervision in your working environment, otherwise you will not be working when the boss is not around.

3. Obeying the rule because you feel bad if you are seen breaking the rule by others. You will not cross the road just because the others are not, but the odds will be different when you are alone. This shows that you are tied to other’s opinion about yourself.

4. Not obeying the rule at all. You cross the road whenever you feel like it whether it shows a not-a-good-time to cross the road sign. It means you are free-willed person, but tend to do whatever you like even when it breaks the rule.

5. Obeying the rule most of the time but you break it when you are late. You will wait for the green light most of the time to crossing the road, but will run for it when you’re late. This shows that you are creative yet tend to see end justifies mean.

6. Obeying the rule most of the time but break it when it doesn’t make sense anymore. You will stop at the red light most of the time, but you will cross the road when the red light is on in the middle of nowhere. This shows that you are mostly working by the book, but you will try your own way when you think you have a better idea than the text book.

Which one are you?

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