My Opinion On Love And Life

This page shall be dedicated to host my opinions on life and love.

Let me start with a little story of how my opinion on how love comes grew:

  1. First I thought love will come when you are cool, can drive a car, ride a big motorbike, play one of the sports, play musical instruments, sing, and smart as well.
  2. Then I considered love as a gift. If you have one, its a gift and you should cherish it. I thought I was the object and love is the subject.
  3. Again I shifted, I was thinking about love as an agreement. If you had the agreement, you can develop your love to your partner. If the agreement fails, then love will fade away.
  4. After that I consider love as work. You should work on your love and not to take it as it is. You should work on your love to make things going. You will feel tired, bored, upset, but that’s just a small part of the package of happiness, laugh, self-improvement, and a mutual partner for yourself.
  5. Now I am still learning. I am starting to think that pure love is an unconditional love. If you can love someone or something without hoping to receive something back then you have found what true love is all about.

As you can see, my opinion on love grows. This does not mean that the later opinion is more correct than the previous ones. I started by thinking that love is something that will be given to you, now I am thinking that you should not expect something back. Its a life learn process, and I can still change in the future.

7 July 2007

I think I need to add something on that list. A friend told me that instead of building my life around the person whom I love, why don’t I build something together to the future. I could argue her opinion but I think she has a point as well. So here goes number 6.

6. Love should be built towards a new goal in life, together, without forsaking yours or hers (maybe, I’m not 100% sure).

7. I think love works in a funny way sometimes, even in a weird situation where you least expected. The most difficult things is to be able to hold back your feelings when you know that love is not possible to go on but you can’t deny your heart and still you want to have it. IT SUCKS BIG TIME!

updated 18th September 2007

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