Types Of Facebook Status Update

Lately I have seen a lot of my friends on Facebook are constantly updating their status. Some are even doing it on hourly basis. These updates have different targets and purposes. BBC News share a story where a man was convicted of murdering his wife, and one of the reasons was because she had changed her status to “single” only days after he moved out. He felt humiliated by her action and stabbed her with a kitchen knive.

Okay, that was pretty extreme. I would like to analyse some of the updates that are obvious. Let’s classify them based on the purpose of their status update, just for the fun of it! All examples here are real status updates taken from various people on my 600 friends list!

1. Campaigning their social activities! Building public awareness.
xxx (a friend’s name) Ben Bernanke extreme look-a-like at S’Bux on Conn Ave and R this morning. People asking for pics. One dude flipped him off.
xxx is anxious to vote already!!!!! GO OBIDEN !!!!
xxx is Berpikir dan terus berpikir : bagaimana caranya mengusir untuk selamanya perusahaan perusak lingkungan (PT Toba Pulp Lestari) dari seputar Danau Toba ?

2. Concern about current global/local condition.

xxx is in distress. She wonders how Aburizal Bakrie feels right now.

xxx is waiting for new release Ubuntu 8.10 next week!!

xxx Crazy INDONESIAN Support for Indonesian Players for Danish Open!!

3. Stating the obvious.

xxx is living the life.

xxx is all mixed up.

xxx is asik hujan,,ga panas lagi..hehehe!

4. Telling everyone about what they are doing.

xxx is stuck at suvarnablahblahblah airport!

xxx is unwinding with a few episodes of The Simpsons. Yeah!!

xxx is at McD Malioboro.

5. Trying to create new gossip!

xxx is mo jalan2 sama pacar yg luamaaaa skali datengnyaaaa… ^o^.

xxx is wishing to be able to tell the truth.

xxx ich vermisse dich!!!!! Read the rest of this entry »

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