List Of Stupid Questions I’ve Heard About Indonesia

I’ve been traveling for quite some time now, and by doing so I met a lot of people. I’m amazed that some people are ignorant or really have no idea at all about Indonesia. I heard some funny questions about Indonesia that made me laugh when I heard them asking those questions. So, I come up with 10 stupid questions that were asked to me about Indonesia:

10. Is it near Bali?

9. Can I buy clothes there?

8. Why aren’t you surprised to see tall buildings here? Have you seen any back home?

7. You speak English quite well, do you speak English there?

6. You do have toilets right?

5. Is it one of Bali’s provinces?

4. Is it true that you use peanut butter as salad dressing?

3. Is it in Middle East?

2. Are you Hindu, it’s the largest Hindu country right?

1. Do you eat normal food like bread?

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2 Responses to “List Of Stupid Questions I’ve Heard About Indonesia”

  1. Eisen Says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 5:47 pm 11. Oh yeah! Obama`s, long time ago have been there in his childhood right?
  2. versib Says:
    November 11th, 2008 at 8:55 am masa sich?ap mrk ngak pny tv ya?(hi..hi..hi..)
    masa ngak denger berita2 heboh ttg indonesia..(tsunami terbesar, teroris,etc, he..he.. sorry neh..).
    Oh..Tuhan ..ampunilah mrk, sesungguhnya mrk ngak tau ap yg mrk katakan (he..he..6x)..just kidding.Tapi ngak ap2 sich.., walau ngak ap2 sich, mgkn indonesia kecil di mata mrk krna mrk ngak tau..& mgkn blom tau.., tp yg penting pendeta dari Indonesia dah sampe ke belanda he..he..(6x) iya kan bin?peace yo- Jbu

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