Vacation Blues

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Have you ever being away from your home town and had good times with really nice people? It could happen during your vacations, conferences, seminars, movie sets, etc, what’s important is that you are away for some good amount of time, let say for 5-7 days or more, and then something happened. You were with people that you cherished and really had good times with them. You felt like you were entering your comfort zone and never want to leave again but then it hit you that you do have to leave all that behind and heading home. After that particular event, you spent much time to look at the pictures, finding more informations about the people who were there, listening to the songs that brings back the memories, reading and sending emails to people, having hard times to sleep, feeling less motivation to live your daily lives. The symptoms might sound like you have fallen in love again, but it is not necessarily be love or something like that, but still it feels like it. That is, my friends, what I called “vacation blues”.

‘ These feelings are natural. They are explainable. First, the intention that you had when you left for that moment was to be with people who share the same interest with you. Like in a youth conference, you will be with fellow youth who have the same goals in their life, or at least share a somewhat similar purpose in life. In a vacation mode, you will obviously choose to be with the people that you are comfortable with. Shortly, you are with people who share the same passion. Second, you are away from your daily activities and environment which might stressed you. Third, you are having a good time together and seeing a lot of new experience with the people that you like. Those three things will bond and make the perfect composition for the ‘vacation blues’.

Img_0985_resize.jpgWhat really happened is you feel close to the people because you share the same interest, and then you bonded to them, share and talk a lot of new things because they are also new to your life or at least new to the stories of your life. You will feel intimate in such a short time, and you will wonder how that could happen. You will not have the time to share the whole story of your lives except selected stories that you choose to tell. This means people will know each other deeply by sharing their stories but not deep enough to know the real you. You will be vulnerable by other stories and the stories that you shared. This sharing process takes a more intimate effect than you would expected. Then you will share new stuff that no one from your home environment knows because they are not there. This will form an exclusive story that you cherish only with special persons. When these things happen, the chances for ‘vacation blues’ to happen are 90%.

‘ If you are having this for the first time, then it could last quite long. It could take several months for you to be able to internalize the feelings into your daily life. However the effect will become less strong by time. For some experienced people, they will limit their vulnerability during the event. This means they will not get too emotionally attached to the people and event. They had their ‘vacation blues’ before and don’t have the time or need to deal with another one. They will be connected to the people, but not necessarily attached.

‘ Now what should we do with those feelings? I would say that you should enjoy your feelings and try to transform it towards positive ends. You should make it as your motivation to work better to be able to meet those people again in the future. However, as I said before, it takes time to be able to do that. Spend less time looking at pictures after a week would help. Hang out with your friends should help as well. In the meantime, enjoy your ‘vacation blues’!

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    gue bangeeett…..wakakaka:P

  2. on 14 Jan 2008 at 4:16 am # binsar

    kan ada diriku sekarang det hahahha

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