McDonald and KFC Experience

The McDonald Experience
I was having a conversation with Marina at a local McDonald, most probably in Woerden. I wanted to get myself a cup of coffee and thee for her. When I ordered it, he gave me thee first with two zuikersticks (sugar sticks), while the person before me, who is Dutch, got no sugar for his thee. Apparently McDonald knows that Indonesian loves sugar in their thee, not only one, but the exact number: 2 sugar sticks. This is the exact amount of how much sugar Indonesian puts in their thee or coffee.

Again, amazing profiling!

The KFC Experience
Beatrix and I were having dinner at KFC de Dam, Amsterdam one day. While we were having the discussion, we saw a group of 4 people, arguing about something. they dropped their drinks on the way up to the dining room. I guess they had an argument about that. They were not speaking in Dutch, probably Turkish. They all went downstairs and had a big argument that we couldnt understand. We could see the police’s car flashing outside after a few minutes.

While this was happening, some guy, with a sluggish, messy look, dirty clothes style – probably one of the homeless guy – came to their table, ate a burger, and packed some other stuff, and just walked away. Beatrix and I were surprised, and left clueless.

The 4 guys came back from their quarrels only to got more upset that their food is now missing. They asked us, because we sat next to their table, and we said the story about the homeless guy. They went downstairs, couldn’t find the guy and bought more food.

I guess the moral of the story is, walk around, who knows you might find free food.

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  1. yep, it was Woerden all right… and i don’t usually put sugar in my tea :-P

  2. Herda van Elk - Hutabarat

    If ever you decide to eat in KFC Dam, Amsterdam… never leave your order unattended ! :-) (Enjoy reading your blog Binsar).

  3. makasih kak Herda, apa kabar?

It will be great to have your reply here