Conversation with a Dutch Housemate

I was living with two dutch housemates for one year. We shared a house with three bedrooms, common kitchen, toilet, shower, and living room.

They were both students and work part-time or doing social work activities. They could fall into the category of typical Dutch students, friendly, open-minded, mind-your-own-business type, doesn’t really care about cleanliness, eat a lot of pizzas, drink red-bull or euroshopper version of red-bull, and smoke weed.
I had a lot of conversations with one, and we shared a lot of stories and ideas. I remembered once that we had a discussion about his habit smoking the joint. After a long discussion; and he was a bit high too, he said that he’s going to re-think about his habit; he knows that it’s bad for his health.

The next day he knocked on my door, in a serious way he said, “Binsar, bedankt voor de leuke gespek gisteren avond. Ik heb veel om te denken.” (Binsar, thanks for the nice conversation last night. I have so much to think about.)

I said, “you’re welcome, anytime you would like to talk about it, just ask.”

And then he said, “ik ga nu naar de coffieshop, en terwijl lopen, zal ik over het denken.” (I’m going to the coffieeshop – where he buys weed -, and I will think about it more while walking there).

And he was smoking weed again, and seriously thinking about stopping.

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