The Nespresso Experience

I am a coffee lover. I think I was influenced by Dutch heavy coffee drinking habit. Once I decided to upgrade my coffee experience from Philips Senseo to Nespresso. I wanted to buy a Nespresso machine.

I was too cheap to buy a new one, so I looked it up on, the most-visited website in the Netherlands in 2009. You can find a lot of new and old stuff on this website. I found a zo goed als nieuw (looks new) nespresso-apparat (machine) for a reasonable price. I biked there with my sport jacket, sneakers and a backpack. The machine looked really good. I wanted to use it right away. The only thing I need left was the coffee capsules. “What else?”

Apparently the capsules were sold only in Bijenkorf, a kind of luxe-plaza that sell branded stuff. So I biked directly to the Bijenkorf down town Amsterdam.

The nespresso corner has an elite look booth and they sell a lot of stuff, from cups to biscuits for the coffee. Everybody who were queuing are in a suit or look understandably neat. I was in my sport look, and sweats because of all the biking. Under-costume.

One of the employee was giving out free coffee to the customers. He didn’t offer me the coffee and skipped me direct to the person behind me. I took the coffee without him offering me.

When I got to the front, I saw that the guy offered the person in front of me a nespresso club card. When it was my turn, he didn’t offer me any. So I bravely asked him if I was eligible to get my own nespresso card. He said yes. Apparently I have to answer questions about my own machine. He took out a list of the coffee machine models, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

He asked me, “Welke apparaat heeft U meneer?” (Which machine do you have sir?) Continuing his question, he asked, “Die of die?” (This or this?) While pointing the first two cheapest models on the list. And he was right, I just bought the exact model that he pointed out!

Amazing profiling :D

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  1. bingung antara mo kasihan sm mo marah … jd ketawa aje deh gue ‘to …. bwakakakakak … untung gak langsung balik badan, ambil sepeda trus pulang ya pas dilewatin yang kedua kali. hahaha …

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